EMS Training – What’s Your Type?

Just like traditional strength training can be programmed to recruit different muscle fibre types by manipulating reps, loads and volume so to with the application of EMS technology target specific fibre types.

We have 3 skeletal muscle fibre types, to keep it simple we can think of them like this;

  1. Endurance (slow twitch Type 1) can tolerate long periods of movement/exercise and a have a high resistance to fatigue
  2. Medium Endurance (mixed fibre Fast Type I) somewhat tolerant to activity but will under enough load/stress are less resistant to fatigue
  3. Explosive (fast twitch Type II) utilized during fast explosive movement and have a very low resistance to fatigue

Here’s a short video that clearly explains this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L9JUfzh66I

With EMS training we are able to adjust the stimulus to target the response from your muscles. We can strengthen your postural muscles, wake up poorly firing/functioning muscle due to injury, activate your fast twitch explosive muscle fibre for better sports performance and drive the stimulus to support muscle gain by targeting your mixed muscle fibre. The benefits are huge and numerous and research has shown that EMS also facilitates the fight against cellulite all thanks to the increased local blood circulation skin can become more firm, smooth the subcutaneous tissue and remove harmful metabolites (toxins), thus help to fight against cellulite. Additionally we can also program in a relax/massage function to help you recover and unwind.




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