Making the most of your time with your fitness journey and fundamentally, enjoying yourself in the process can be easier said than done.

Let’s explore some healthy approaches to training, which are relevant to everyone.

  1. Set a training time and stick to it.

Simple enough, right? But it is amazing how easy it is to skip your training or lose yourself in poorly focused, low effort sessions.

This is an entirely personal and individual thing – whatever the time is; stick to it. The premise here is that a predetermined time slot is more likely to be productive and easier to maintain.

  1. Have a balance of activities.

This is a little like having a varied diet, the training equivalent of eating your greens! This approach is not only good for your development but, more importantly; it prevents you from getting bored.

Think of splitting your time between your planned strength training  (EMS training covers you here, EMS is of high quality and gets the job done in 20 minutes) outdoor cardio activities i.e. swimming, cycling, walking, running and restoration based activities like Yoga, Pilates or simply just taking time to reflect, breath and be grateful.

  1. Understand your goals

Women will often say something like, ‘I want to be toned and firm’, and men  ‘I would like to be leaner and more muscular’… I hear ya, these are noble goals, guess what, these are essentially the same only with a gender specific choice of words.

Its better to ask, where would I like to be more toned and firm, leaner and more muscular? Point being, refine and be specific with your goals then apply consistent commitment and adherence to the plan to get there.

From experience those who succeed in reaching their goals display a high level of motivation, focus and adherence while embracing the challenge.This energy is contagious!

However, your goal is not to strive for uncompromising excellence and perfection but simply keep a smile on your face every time. Embrace change and play the long game.

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